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Termite Attack

At Daddy’s Pest Solutions we will remove termites from your home or business and help stop the damage that they cause the building. Termites are destructive pests that can cause severe damage to your home or business. Florida residents pay hundreds of millions of dollars to repair termite damage annually, but you can prevent more expensive repairs with proactive termite control solutions. We protect your home from termites and give you peace of mind with our termite treatments.Here’s How We’ll Remove Termites

Our process eliminates the termites you have now, and prevents termites from returning:

Termite inspection – we’ll inspect the property inside and out and recommend a solution to your termite problem, along with an estimate.
Termite control – we exterminate your termite problem using methods appropriate for your particular situation.
Termite monitoring – Depending on the type of termite problem you have, we may check for activity on a regular basis.