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Ant Removal

In South Florida, ants are as common as the heat! If you have ants inside the home, or around your home – it’s time to get rid of them. No one wants ants scurrying around their home and food. Let our trained team take care of any and all of your ant needs. We will ensure that they are disposed of properly, in order to make sure they do not come back. If ants are living inside of your home, there is a good chance that the house structure could have been compromised (Rotten Wood, Eaten Wood) or fungal growths can spawn around their nests.

Any & All Ants

Daddy’s Pest Control will take care of Garden Ants, Red Ants, and Carpenter Ants. If you are experiencing an issue with any of these ants, let us know! We will come out and take care of the issue in no time at all. Daddy’s Pest Control is licensed, insured, and ready to help you!