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Frequently Asked Questions

The first and most important thing to look for when it comes to a Pest Control Company, is there license! In the State of Florida, Licenses are required! Your pest control company should also be insured. This lets the customer know that if a situation ever arose, the company is insured and will be able to cover any problems/damages. Your pest control company should also value customer service – customers are the reason why they are still in business.

Daddy’s Pest Solutions is Licensed and Insured! License #: JB221384

Not at all, if you have a specific situation that doesn’t appear on our site, give us a call! We will handle any pest control job that is needed. Call Us at: (561) 756-9994.

Sometimes, there is just nothing you can do to keep them out! However, a clean home could never hurt. Having screened doors or windows can also stop anything from venturing inside your home.

You can contact us here. Phone: (561) 756-9994 Email: Daddyspestsolutions@hotmail.com