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Ant Removal

In South Florida, ants are as common as…

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Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are an infestation that no one wants. If…

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Bee Infestation Removal

In South Florida, Bees, wasps, and hornets are all…

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Termite Attack

At Daddy’s Pest Solutions we will remove termites…

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Pest Control Company


South Florida’s Number One Pest Control Company

Daddy’s Pest Solutions is a licensed and insured pest control company serving the South Florida region. If you are having any issues with pests and need a professional company to ensure your problem is solved – look no further. Daddy’s Pest Solutions features highly trained professionals that not only specialize in pest control, but also in ensuring quality customer service. We understand that the customers are the reason why we can continue doing what we love – pest solutions. South Florida is no stranger to the idea of Ants, Bees, Rodents, and spiders. Let Daddy’s Pest Solutions help you with any and all of your pest control needs.

Having Pest Problems?

Daddy’s Pest Solutions will gladly take care of your pest problems! If you are having trouble with pests inside or outside the home, we are the ones to call! Ants, Bees, Cockroaches, Fleas, Rodents, and all other pests will be removed effectively & efficiently. Daddy’s Pest Solution operates throughout South Florida and can also help you with your Lawn & Ornamental care. We proudly do everything we can for our customers in order to assure a job well done. If you have a pest problem, contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss with you the proper way to deal with your pests.

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How to Remove a Bee Stinger


How to Remove a Bee Stinger When a bee bites you, it can leave a sting in your skin, which can cause pain, swelling and discomfort. There has been a long debate on the best method to remove the sting. However, research published in “The Lancet” in 1996 concluded that the method is not the […]

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Keep snakes away from your house


Keep snakes away from your house Keeping snakes out of your house is not as difficult as you might think. Look around your house and within it, paying attention to some key factors, and eliminate your snake problems naturally. Remove all hiding places Remove all objects around your house that can serve as a hiding […]

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How to avoid light’s insects


How to avoid light’s insects One of the worst things about sitting outside in the afternoon is having to deal with insects flying around the lights. There are some theories about why insects fly into light, including navigation confusion. Insects want to follow the brightest light in the sky, which used to be the moon, […]

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How to control pests in autumn months?

Daddy's Pest Solutions

¿How to control pests in autumn months? In autumn comes rain and moisture, which is why starting the pests. Climate change directly affects some pests longer than it should extend, so they might still find animals summer season, while others are displayed autumn. The most common pests Ants are more common during autumn, infecting both […]

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¿What kind of flies transmit diseases to humans?


¿What kind of flies transmit diseases to humans? In recent OMS studies, it has been noticed that diseases such as typhoid, malaria, yellow fever are making a comeback. Flies transmit many diseases by contact with contaminated objects. The main cause is the insects create resistance to chemical insecticides, medicines and proper microbes that fight. All […]

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How to Removing small cockroaches


How to Removing small cockroaches Cockroaches survive an explosion of a nuclear bomb. This shows how strong and tough they are. Cockroaches are common insects and carry germs that could be dangerous to health. For this reason, it is necessary that we not allow multiply. Once you’ve seen small cockroaches there is a good chance […]

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How to kill or repel ticks


How to kill or repel ticks Many people see ticks harmless, but actually have the ability to create devastating diseases. But not to worry, because you can put your hands to work with these natural remedies to remove ticks of the most effective ways possible. Rosemary and cinnamon 10 drops of rosemary essential oil, 7 […]

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How to remove the insects from plants


How to remove the insects from plants Pests can be combated course, it is why in the next article we give some tips to remove those pesky insects from your garden. In addition, to keep as clean as possible the garden or park, can eliminate insects from plants naturally, the most effective are: Nettle: natural […]

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