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What are carpet beetles?


What are carpet beetles? All carpet beetles can be frustrating when they invade our homes, as they are the hibernation pests. When they enter, they are more than a nuisance. They can do serious damage. The carpet beetles are insects belonging to the Dermestidae family, which has more than 500 species worldwide. The Dermestidae species, […]

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Do you know lyme disease?


Do you know lyme disease? This disease, first documented in Lyme, Connecticut, in the early 1970s, has had strong roots in the northeastern United States and the Midwest, with more than 30,000 cases reported each year. But many of those cases are not reported. This is because most people do not know what Lyme disease […]

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How does mosquitoes spread viruses?


How does mosquitoes spread viruses? The issue of mosquito viruses is complex. We all know that mosquitoes can spread dangerous viruses here in the United States like West Nile, Chikungunya, dengue fever, yellow fever and more. But “How do mosquitoes spread viruses?” And, more importantly, “How do we protect ourselves?” Here are some things we […]

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Homemade tricks to repel ants


Homemade tricks to repel ants Do you have the house full of ants and do not know how to end them? Have you tried different products to kill ants and none has worked at all? In this article we give you different homemade tricks so you can eliminate them altogether. First of all try to […]

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How to place traps for rats and mices


How to place traps for rats and mices Depending on the traps used to eliminate mice and rats, whether wooden, plastic or adhesive, you have to have a good place to locate them, so that the capture is larger, faster and without difficulties. The traps for rats and mice are usually differentiated by size and […]

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Types of Cockroaches


Types of Cockroaches There are several types of cockroaches, although the most widespread in the world is the German cockroach. Next, let’s talk about the 7 types of cockroaches most common in the world and their favorite places: A) German Cockroach, also called “Blonde Cockroach” It is a cockroach that measures 1.27 cm, light brown […]

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Tricks for mosquito bites


Tricks for mosquito bites ¿Did you know that a mosquito bite is capable of transmitting diseases and having fatal consequences? The truth is that we can carry out a series of tricks to prevent annoying mosquitoes, but sometimes a bite is inevitable while we sleep. The worst thing about the mosquito is not when it […]

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How to get rid of cobwebs naturally


How to get rid of cobwebs naturally Cobwebs can be functional, as they help to catch insects in your home, but they are also unsightly. The lofts, basements, air vents, cracks and crevices of your house are common places where you can find cobwebs. To eliminate spiders and their webs, it is not necessary to […]

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