Does Biocides affect the safety of your family?


Does Biocides affect the safety of your family?

It is no secret that some people have mistrust when it comes to the use of chemicals. Often, parents, pregnant women, people with chronic illnesses or simply pet owners and ask companies whether the application of biocides is safe for vulnerable people or animals. All this is due to lack of knowledge or information related to biocides.

In this article we will give some information on the use of biocides and their safety.

First, we have to say that all biocides used for urban or industrial pest control are registered and are environmentally friendly and harmless. Currently the pest control companies’ pest control and disinfestation service is based on integrated pest control, which means that not only chemical control (the application of biocides) but also the use of other methods, Not chemicals, that help us prevent infestations.

With all the corrective measures on the structural and constructive elements; Measures to optimize sanitary and environmental conditions, measures on the development of healthy behaviors and habits, etc. However, the use of biocides still plays an important role in the management of pests when they are present in our facilities or at certain times in order to eliminate them. For this reason, before applying any chemical, you must inform the customer and clarify all your doubts.

Every insecticide or rodenticide that enters the market, is subject to numerous tests and safety studies. We currently have many knowledge about insects or rodents, their biological cycles, the nervous system, the forms of action of active substances and all this relate to the biocides that control them. Over time, insecticides of lower toxicity appear on the market, allowing specific control of each type of pest and these insecticides have nothing to do with the insecticides they used, for example, in the 70s or 80s.

At the same time, pest control companies have also improved their services. Technical applicators expand their knowledge and qualified range. All these factors make it possible to use biocides safely. Now a little about the applications of chemicals.

To date, many insect cockroach or ant treatments are performed with biocides in the form of a gel. They are ecological and safe for people, children or pets and have no safety period. They are totally safe. In addition, the gel is applied in places inaccessible to children or pets (behind the fridges, dishwashers, washers).

If we talk about the most complex cases, for example, the control of the bug or the massive plague of the cockroach, which require the application of liquid biocides by spraying, in this case each product has its term of safety. The security period can vary from 12 to 24 hours and means that during this time the owners can not enter the premises.

The technical applicator indicates and warns about all the security measures that each client has to respect. In addition to the safety period, before the use of the treated area, it is recommended that clients air it for two hours and, if they have small children, spend one night at their relatives’ house.

The client has to understand that not only is the biocide selected, but also how it is used. You must follow all instructions provided by the pest control company because this increases everyone’s safety.