The Black Rat (Rattus rattus)


The Black Rat (Rattus rattus)

That fear can provoke the presence of a rat. Many people have musophobia (fear of rodents) and this fear in thousands of seconds turns into panic that is expressed in a cry on the part of very sensitive people.

The black rat or field rat is a very famous rat. It occupies more rural means than the sewer rat gray rat. The gray rat forms nests in sewage systems, near garbage containers, in urban landfills; Is the most civilized rat and lives in cities.
The black rat is smaller than the gray rat and has slightly larger ears.

Black rat Rattus rattus prefers to occupy the high places, for this reason makes the nests in the trees, in roofs, in the garrets, etc. In the population group a hierarchy is established where the dominant is a male. The black rat eats everything and its food depends on where it lives. In the field eats insects, fruits, grains, plant matter, bird eggs; If he lives near the people he eats all the edible he finds. Within the group may occur cases of cannibalism, although the mother never eats her offspring.

This rat was brought to Europe from tropical Asia on the boats and very fast it has adapted to the new conditions. It has been rapidly distributed throughout the countries of Southern and Northern Europe, making the lives of thousands of people a nightmare.

The black rat is the rat responsible for the disease so dangerous and transmitted the plague that killed millions of people in the middle ages. In the fourteenth century the plague pandemic reached its maximum and between 1347 and 1352 killed one-third of the continental population. This disease has killed between 50 and 75 million people between 1328 (the first cases in Mongolia) and 1353 (the last cases in European Russia).

The bacteria responsible for this disease is Yersinia pestis, which infects the animal and the flea that sucks the blood of this animal is infected as well. Like plague many rats have died, at the same time the flea has begun to look for another host like another animal or the person. Chopping the person or another animal is transmitted from one living thing to another. Plague is also transmitted by manipulating an infected animal or, in exceptional cases, indirectly by contaminated objects.

There are three forms of plague: bubonic plague, lung plague and septicemia.

During the bubonic plague the lymph nodes called buboes are inflamed. Pulmonary plague infection (pneumonic plague) is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy person by coughing or talking. The droplets contain many bacteria that enter directly into the respiratory tract of the healthy person, infecting it.

It is clear that the black rat is an animal that demands continuous control. To prevent the diseases transmitted by the rodents the first thing that we have to do is to control its population and this is directly related to the measures of hygiene and cleaning.

Worrying about every square meter where we live, not leaving food remains after the picnic, not throwing trash bags everywhere, keeping containers closed and emptying containers are often aspects closely related to rat control. They reproduce and live only where they have all the conditions for this.

We humans are the owners of our life and the places where we live and we have to love and protect them.