Types of cockroaches most common in our home


Types of cockroaches most common in our home

With about four thousand five hundred species of cockroaches it is natural that it is not easy to differentiate from each other. The first step to eliminate cockroaches is to be able to identify them.

The effectiveness of the different methods of extermination will depend on the type of cockroach in front. While all are very similar, there are distinctive features that you can use to differentiate from each other.

You will be one step ahead knowing the type of enemy you are facing. Know the four most common types of cockroaches and know how to eliminate them.

American cockroach

• American cockroaches often appear in warmer climates.
• They prefer to make their nests outdoors but close to buildings.
• In addition they usually inhabit the drainage systems of many cities.
• These cockroaches can fly.
• They are reddish brown. American cockroaches are large, ranging in length from one to two inches.
• They can be squeezed in a space no larger than a quarter of a dollar.
• Female American cockroaches may have up to 150 offspring per year.
• They are very fast and can run up to 50 times their body length per second.
• They are nocturnal and more active at night.
• Eat everything including dead papers, hair, fabric and insects.

German Cockroach

• German cockroaches often stay in houses, apartments, restaurants and hotels and are known for their infestations.
• They are small cockroaches and their size is usually 15 millimeters in length.
• Eat sweets, fats, meats and garbage.
• They usually live for about 200 days.
• A female can have up to 100,000 offspring in a year, the fastest breeding rate among the most common cockroach species.
• Weekly newborn cockroaches become adults in as little as 36 days.
• They can enter a crack as thin as a dime.
• Although German cockroaches have fully developed wings, they do not fly.

Cockroach Band Coffee

• The brown band cockroaches are small.
• Measure about 15mm long.
• They are called so by the bands of light yellow that are located in the wings of the adults while the young ones have them in its body.
• Coffee band cockroaches feed on household items like books, envelopes, stamps, wallpaper and curtains.
• They tend to avoid water and are more often found in warmer, drier climates.
• It is known to spread at least 33 types of bacteria, 6 kinds of parasitic worms and seven other types of pathogens.

Oriental cockroach

• They have a greasy appearance.
• They are known for the strong and unpleasant odor they emit due to the large amount of bacteria and viruses they have in the body.
• Oriental cockroaches love water.
• They prefer to live outdoors but during the summer they stay indoors.
• Oriental male cockroaches are small and have wings.
• Females are larger and have no wings.
• However, none of them can fly.