Facts you should know about bedbugs


Facts you should know about bedbugs

Signs of bed bug presence

The first most common signs are bed bug bites. These bites are eruptions of different sizes. Many doctors will not be able to identify them immediately. If you feel itchy after waking up in the morning, it is very likely to be a bedbug sting. picaduras-chinches

Bed Bug Data

Adult bedbugs measure approximately 6-8 mm when they are not fed, while nymphs are about the size of a poppy seed. They are reddish brown, flat and oval. They have mouthpieces to draw blood for food. Females lay about 200 eggs that hatch in about 1 to 2 weeks. Newborn bed bugs will be ready to lay their own eggs in 4 to 8 weeks.

Bed Bug Caches

Bed bugs can often be found by looking at the edges of the beds; if black spots or spots are observed, they are the excrement of insects. Sometimes they accidentally crush, blood stains remain on the bed.

They hide in cracks and crevices of the room, including furniture, moldings and carpets. They usually stay as close to you as possible.

Bed bugs can go undetected for weeks, making it harder to control. It is often a question of eliminating this pest by using various aerosols. This often makes the problem much worse, mistakes of not treating beyond the bedding and in the sockets. You have to treat everything that is inside the room like carpets, moldings and electrical outlets.

Aerosols really can work well, but it will still be the hatched eggs that will make the plague reappear. Chemical treatments should be repeated several times with a complete regiment of preparation to ensure complete extermination.

Often mechanical removal of eggs is also required and includes freezing or steaming the affected objects. When this is combined with chemicals and careful preparation, extermination will probably succeed.

Bed Bug Control Specialists

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