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how does the mosquitoes locate their preys?


How does the mosquitoes locate their preys? New research indicates that mosquitoes locate their prey using a sequence of three signals: the smell, then the sight and finally the heat. A group of biologists recorded the movements of hungry mosquitoes in a wind tunnel. The insects were then attracted to a CO2 column, similar to […]

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Do you know the new species of cockroach?


Do you know the new species of cockroach? A new species of cockroach has recently been discovered, as each year the International Institute for Species Exploration of Arizona State University publishes a list of its “Top 10 New Species” discovered during the previous year. This year includes a new species of cockroach. She is a […]

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Know the ant’s types


Know the ant’s types Carpenter Ants Lifecycle The queen lays 15 to 20 eggs the first year and even 30 the second year, the eggs end their life cycle in 60 days. They can live up to 7 years, so queens can live 25 years. Appearance They are polymorphous, there is diversity of size. There […]

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The Drain flies


The Drain flies Psychodidae (Psychodidae) are a family of nematocera diptera commonly known as paskens mosquitoes, damp flies, moth flies, bath flies or drainage flies. Their size comes to be of 2-3 mm, with hairy wings that are collected on the abdomen when they are posed simulating small nocturnal butterflies. It is frequent to see […]

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The green beetle


The green beetle The June green beetle is also known as the “fig eater” because of its charm for ripe figs and other thin-shelled fruits. Researchers have said that this insect is a widespread pest from Connecticut and Southeast New York to Florida and west to Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Over the past 30 years, […]

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The Spider’s Talents: Instinct or intelligence?


The Spider’s Talents: Instinct or intelligence? Almost all of the behaviors of spiders are determined, of course, by instinct, in other words, they are inscribed in genes. No learning is involved, for example, in the fabrication of fabrics: the spider knows how to weave without anyone being taught, as has been shown by numerous experiences […]

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Stray cats, a real problem in our cities


Stray cats, a real problem in our cities It is frequent to see cats lurking in the streets of our cities, stray cats integrated fully to our community that usually go unnoticed. They are only noticed when the population is so numerous that it becomes an environmental problem. The cats that we find in our […]

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