How to know if there are termites in your house?


How to know if there are termites in your house?

Termites, besides being annoying insects, are also harmful. This pest can ruin your home and furniture in a blink. These voracious appetite insects eat everything they find in their path.
Here are some tips on how you can eliminate this plague from your home.

Pay attention to the signs

Termites leave signs, if you see something in your home that looks like sand, or you see the wood in your house, or your furniture have small holes, be sure that there are termites in your house. Examine all the wood that you have in your house, porta portraits, furniture, chairs, etc., that way you will have a finished idea of how great the damage.

Prevent entry

Seal doors and windows, termites will not enter. To seal the openings, you must place strips of rubber mats, weather strips, etc. Another measure you can take in addition is to cut the shrubs or plants that are near the house, prevent their branches from reaching the floor so that the termites do not climb and reach your home.

How to exterminate termites

If termites are installed in your house you must fight them as soon as possible. In the market there are very good poisons to do it. In spray they are the most effective, they arrive at the deepest and easy to put.

Apply the poison in areas that have wooden elements such as walls, floors or furniture. Do not place it only on the wood, spread it all over the room.

With termites it is best to be very careful, put the poison in spray in all the rooms of your house, whether or not you have wooden objects. That way if any termite has escaped, you will be sure that it will be eliminated by the residual action. The good thing is that this poison will also kill termite larvae, which are the same or even more dangerous than their parents, because they do not leave any signs.

Do not forget to put the anti termite spray at least once a month, that way you will be sure that this plague will not hit your home again. With these simple tips, you can undo very soon these feared and harmful insects that eat everything.