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Types of Cockroaches


Types of Cockroaches There are several types of cockroaches, although the most widespread in the world is the German cockroach. Next, let’s talk about the 7 types of cockroaches most common in the world and their favorite places: A) German Cockroach, also called “Blonde Cockroach” It is a cockroach that measures 1.27 cm, light brown […]

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Tricks for mosquito bites


Tricks for mosquito bites ¿Did you know that a mosquito bite is capable of transmitting diseases and having fatal consequences? The truth is that we can carry out a series of tricks to prevent annoying mosquitoes, but sometimes a bite is inevitable while we sleep. The worst thing about the mosquito is not when it […]

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How to get rid of cobwebs naturally


How to get rid of cobwebs naturally Cobwebs can be functional, as they help to catch insects in your home, but they are also unsightly. The lofts, basements, air vents, cracks and crevices of your house are common places where you can find cobwebs. To eliminate spiders and their webs, it is not necessary to […]

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7 Natural homemade repellents


7 Natural homemade repellents If the mosquitoes bothers you, prepare these homemade repellents to invite them to go and do not bother you. These recipes are very simple to prepare at home and are effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Another point in favor of these natural remedies to repel mosquitoes is that they do not […]

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How to combat pests of tomato crop


How to combat pests of tomato crop Tomato cultivation can be affected by many pests, diseases and viruses. In this entry I will compile the most important ones. Plagues: -Aphid The aphid is a pest that must be controlled as soon as possible because it spreads very quickly throughout the plant consuming its sap. It […]

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¿Are the centipedes poisoning?


¿Are the centipedes poisoning? Centipedes are predators and poisonous. The venom is produced by a gland located at the base of the fangs and is administered by the maxilipeds of the first segment of the body. To catch prey, the venomous gland is tightened by the surrounding muscles and expels toxins through needle-like ducts. Smaller […]

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Prevents insects in treated wood


Prevents insects in treated wood The wood used in homes and furniture is treated in a sawmill or factory to avoid insect pests. However, some resistant varieties of insects live and feed on treated wood. These insects can destroy furniture and compromise the structural integrity of the home. Prevention is the best policy against insects […]

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