Keep snakes away from your house


Keep snakes away from your house

Keeping snakes out of your house is not as difficult as you might think. Look around your house and within it, paying attention to some key factors, and eliminate your snake problems naturally.

Remove all hiding places

Remove all objects around your house that can serve as a hiding place. Stacks of logs, rocks, trash, old appliances, building materials, abandoned cars, and even obsolete tools can provide enough space for snakes as they move closer to your home. Do a thorough cleaning of the yard on all sides of the house and trim the bushes, shrubs, tall grasses, weeds or plants. Keep the lawn cut to a height where snakes are visible and can not be hidden.

Eliminates the food source

Snakes eat small rodents and reptiles. If you make sure that these animals are not inhabiting the areas around your house, the snakes will be forced to move to another place to find another suitable food source.

Blocks all entry points

Inspect the perimeter of your home for cracks, holes and entry points of any kind. Burrows and tunnels dug by other animals, from rats to moles, can be used by snakes as shelter and access to your home from below. Snakes do not dig their own tunnels, but they will use whatever they can find. Simply seal the holes and you can prevent a snake from entering the house.


Some pets naturally drive snakes. Poultry like chickens, ducks and geese hunt and eliminate small snakes if left loose in the area. Dogs may do so and pigs are known for hunting and killing them, while cats hunt almost any that they encounter. Snakes also have natural non-domestic enemies like skunks, weasels, roadrunners and hawks.

Catch and remove

If you find a snake on your property or in your home, there is no more natural method of prevention than catching it and releasing it in the wild. You can make a simple trap using a large wooden box with an open end and a cloth curtain to cover it. Find the snake or its lair, and close all in and out means minus one. Place the trap directly in front of this opening. Take a look at the trap at the end of the day to see if you caught something. If so, take the snake to a wooded area at a safe distance from your house and release it.

If you catch or locate a venomous snake, do not approach or try to move it. Get in touch with local wildlife authorities, who will remove it safely.