How to prevent cockroaches in your home

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How to prevent cockroaches in your home

One of the most frequent pests in the home is cockroaches. Although difficult to kill and control, the truth is that there are some ways to stop curl at home and end up appearing in the most unwanted areas: cleanliness, order and the use of some aromas will help us to avoid it.

Cockroaches usually nest in very specific areas of the home because they are called by the humidity and dark areas, so the spaces that you will have to go with more care are the following:

In the cracks of your house: whether on walls, furniture or under appliances.

Wooden furniture also often houses cockroaches.

Often sneak through exterior accesses such as windows or doors, so it is advisable to have them well sealed and closed when you leave home. Another option is to place mosquito nets to prevent this and other insects from entering the home.

The wettest areas of the house are also often one of the favorite places for these insects, such as pipes, laundry and air conditioning.

Another focus is the place where food remains such as garbage or spaces where the dirt has accumulated.

It is important that you clean your home and keep it in top condition, especially areas such as the kitchen or bathroom as food remains and humidity are spaces where this pest is more common.

Clean the underside of appliances: refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc., since these are perfect spaces for them because of the heat they give off.

Uses ammonia: it is important to use this product because it helps to thoroughly clean and disinfect any space, thus, if there are cockroaches they die because of the chemicals they give off.

Dry the damp spaces: both the shower and the sink, all moisture must disappear from your home if you do not want the cockroaches to enter.

Dishwashing: dirty dishes should be cleaned frequently to avoid cockroaches or at least clean the leftovers and leave them rinsed to keep your attention.

Put down the trash: you must throw away the trash every day, especially the organic, to avoid that the cockroaches enter your home. If they spend many days before throwing it, it is more likely that this plague will come to your house.

Open the water: after cleaning it is important that you pour water through the pipes to make if there is any there, kill it; So you can pour water with bleach or some strong cleaning product that will help you to stop them.

In addition to this it is imperative that you keep your home in optimal hygienic conditions, ie pass the vacuum cleaner, scrub the floor, clean all rooms and pass the dust. This way you will get that there is nothing in your house that draws attention to these annoying insects.

Another way to keep cockroaches at bay is by placing some aromatic plants in your home that serve as natural insect repellents. Keep in mind that, just as certain odors are attractive, there are others that act just the opposite way: as repellents. One of the most popular is laurel so if you place one of these plants in areas like windows or doors will prevent them from entering your house.

Lavender is another of the plants that will act best to achieve our goal or, also, the citronella that, in fact, much of the insect repellents prepared that are sold in supermarkets contain the aroma of the latter to avoid bites.

It is important that when you leave the house or leave the house properly closed the sinks of the bathroom and kitchen as well as closed the doors and windows to not find a surprise on your return. Even if you live in an attic, keep in mind that cockroaches can climb the pipes without any problem and appear down the drain so, whenever you leave, close everything; When you go home you can uncover it but, immediately, pour water to eliminate any that is nearby.

You can also prevent cockroaches from entering the house using insecticides or traps that can kill anyone who has been able to sneak in. If you live in an area where this type of plague abounds we recommend that you fumigate from time to time and put different traps in the darkest and wet areas, as it is the favorite place for these insects to glue and nest.

You can choose to create a homemade trap with baking soda and sugar; Thinks that the aroma of sugar will attract cockroaches and baking soda is a toxic product that will kill them immediately. To do so you will only have to mix the two products in equal parts and place them in the zones that we have specified, in this way, you will get to kill those that have been able to paste.

If not find another solution, you can call our pest control company.

If you are unsure of what does or does not have the right equipment, call a professional, call Daddy’s Pest Solutions.