How to avoid light’s insects


How to avoid light’s insects

One of the worst things about sitting outside in the afternoon is having to deal with insects flying around the lights. There are some theories about why insects fly into light, including navigation confusion.

Insects want to follow the brightest light in the sky, which used to be the moon, but are disoriented with modern lights.

Although no one knows the exact reason why insects are attracted to light, it represents a troublesome and persistent problem.

Instead of keeping the lights off while you’re out at night, there are a few ways to reduce this problem.

You can make the lights less attractive and these annoying insects will go elsewhere.

Use yellow insect lights on your porch and balcony. Unlike normal foci where insects are attracted to blue or ultraviolet light, they can not see the yellow light so well and are not attracted to color. Although these lights do not drive away insects, since they can not see the yellow color, they are less likely to come together.

Light citronella candles near the light source. It is said that mosquitoes do not like the smell of citronella and will walk away.

If insects gather under the exterior lights of the porch, consider painting the ceiling light blue. This is often done in South Carolina Low Country, and one theory is that color helps keep bees, wasps, and other flying insects away.

Install ceiling fans on your porch or balcony and sit underneath. A swinging fan connected in an outer space will also deter flying insects.

The most common is to resort to plants or spices whose scent drives away flies, such as fresh basil, mint or cloves.

To prevent insects from fluttering through the lamps, boil a little onion, let it cool and rub with the cooking liquid the lights and screens to eliminate flying insects.