Alternatives to eliminate the plague of snails and slugs in your plants


Alternatives to eliminate the plague of snails and slugs in your plants

Snails and slugs can become one of the most voracious pests that can suffer in the garden or in our garden. easily they proliferate when the ideal conditions for them exist, such as wet and average temperatures times, so spring and autumn are times when we can see them more, while during cold or very hot periods will be lethargic.

Snails and slugs often look dark, cool, damp places for shelter, come out to feed at night and prefer new and tender buds, but also attack the roots. That’s why the younger plants are usually their main objectives.

Snails are hermaphrodites adults and are able to get put about 100 eggs each month.

These are alternatives you can use for pest snails and slugs

1. Natural predators of snails and slugs are snakes, frogs, birds, turtles or beetles, keep that in mind when looking for ways to prevent or control pests.

2. They can set traps as lettuce leaves so we can catch the largest number of snails or slugs.

3. Try not to overwater night, as we have said moisture attracts them, and if you opt for drip irrigation will be most successful to prevent pest snails and slugs.

4. For its size and slow movement, you can take one to one by hand without problems.

5. Other traps that can be used are sugar water, beer, orange peels, watermelon, cantaloupe or potatoes.

6. Sprinkle cracker crumbs, put them in shallow dishes and always in dark and damp places.

7. Remove the earth from time to time, especially in dark and cool places, then they lay their eggs in these places and thus avoid to increase their number.

8. The salt dehydrates them, but be careful where you throw that could also affect plants.

9. Use ashes to prevent the advance of snails and slugs. Spread it around crops to stay away.

10. The shells or crushed egg shells are very effective to prevent the advance of snails and slugs. Put them around plants.

11. You can also put at night a rag soaked in milk or beer and put it around plants, you will find snails and slugs in him.


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