How to control pests in autumn months?

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¿How to control pests in autumn months?

In autumn comes rain and moisture, which is why starting the pests. Climate change directly affects some pests longer than it should extend, so they might still find animals summer season, while others are displayed autumn.

The most common pests

  • Ants are more common during autumn, infecting both our plants and our house. To try to combat them you should use fungicides, and thus gradually will disappear.
  • Conch shells and slugs can infest your garden, to combat them could install baits boiled lettuce or salt at night to remove them. You can also cut plastic bottles (it is open to the entire width of the bottle) and bury them so that the mouth is flush with the ground. Fill them with beer. Its smell will attract them, and fall into the drowning liquid. Besides, the ash is another way to shoo put ash around the plants. Its scent deeply dislike.
  • Lice with the return to classes generated by these pests most likely being the months September and October. To fight must go to the drugstore and buy some anti lice product that helps eliminate them.
  • Bedbugs in autumn usually benefit more beds, so it is easier or you find them or discover bites on your body in the morning upon waking. To combat there are many sprays and products that are very effective, if it were a plague in abundance right thing would be to call a professional.
  • Rodents are most active during the fall, so we need to step in and perform cleaning we prevent these animals stay away treatments.

Generally speaking, we must be aware of our home, because with the change of season we overlook the safety and effects that cause climate change in our house. Therefore, keep care of our home and our garden throughout the year, and keep in mind that you need to call a professional like Daddy’s Pest Solutions, who use the best tools to permanently delete the tlosilizar pests in your home, plus use the products necessary for the care of your family and pets.