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What to do against a spider bite


What to do against a spider bite If you have crossed a spider and it stung you when you least expect it, do not lose the patience. Do not let the bite of this bug hurt, irritate and wreak havoc on your skin. There are several types of spiders, but only very few are dangerous […]

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Tips for removing moths


Tips for removing moths This is a plague that is installed in our home, installed in cabinets, cupboards, and inside furniture in general and destroy everything. With their intervention our clothes remain as strainer, are their favorite food, and they show us at every step. We can not let them eat everything, we must eliminate […]

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How to Remove a Bee Stinger


How to Remove a Bee Stinger When a bee bites you, it can leave a sting in your skin, which can cause pain, swelling and discomfort. There has been a long debate on the best method to remove the sting. However, research published in “The Lancet” in 1996 concluded that the method is not the […]

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Keep snakes away from your house


Keep snakes away from your house Keeping snakes out of your house is not as difficult as you might think. Look around your house and within it, paying attention to some key factors, and eliminate your snake problems naturally. Remove all hiding places Remove all objects around your house that can serve as a hiding […]

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How to avoid light’s insects


How to avoid light’s insects One of the worst things about sitting outside in the afternoon is having to deal with insects flying around the lights. There are some theories about why insects fly into light, including navigation confusion. Insects want to follow the brightest light in the sky, which used to be the moon, […]

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How to control pests in autumn months?

Daddy's Pest Solutions

¿How to control pests in autumn months? In autumn comes rain and moisture, which is why starting the pests. Climate change directly affects some pests longer than it should extend, so they might still find animals summer season, while others are displayed autumn. The most common pests Ants are more common during autumn, infecting both […]

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