How to Removing small cockroaches


How to Removing small cockroaches

Cockroaches survive an explosion of a nuclear bomb. This shows how strong and tough they are. Cockroaches are common insects and carry germs that could be dangerous to health. For this reason, it is necessary that we not allow multiply.

Once you’ve seen small cockroaches there is a good chance to be more.

Try the following to get rid of small cockroaches:

  • In the area you’ve seen, spray a small amount of boric acid. The cockroach is poisoned by ingesting the acid during their regular grooming routine. Be sure to spray in dark, damp areas like the bathroom, sink, behind the washer and dryer, refrigerator around and behind appliances.
  • You can make your own insecticide by mixing equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar. Thus preparing a bait for cockroaches. After mixing, cast him into a shallow dish and place it where you’ve seen roaches or believe they may be. The combination of sugar and bicarbonate is lethal to the cockroach.
  • Roaches hate the taste of bay leaves. You can hold off naturally and safely, most cockroaches by placing bay leaves anywhere that you saw in motion.
  • Cockroaches can survive for months without food, but they need a daily source of water. Never leave water in the sink, in dirty dishes or in other areas of the house. Look for other sources of water as well as leaky plumbing, Subzero refrigerator and moisture condensation. Clean all traces of water from the sink after washing the dishes.
  • Keep everything very clean. Use a detergent or disinfectant to thoroughly clean the area. In the floors and walls you can use a mixture of water and bleach to disinfect the area.
  • Spray the nest. When you see it, use the strongest spray that you can get on the market. Once you destroy nests, clean the area well with chlorine and keep it dry. This will ensure that cockroaches do not multiply.
  • Water and soap. This is one of the easiest ways to kill cockroaches. If you see a cockroach, you do not have a spray to kill her and not want to use a broom, follow this simple way. Take any soap and mix with water (liquid bath soap your work). Shake and quickly check this solution on the insect. Check the amount sufficient to cover your abdomen and head. If you do so, the insect will suffocate and die.