How to kill or repel ticks


How to kill or repel ticks

Many people see ticks harmless, but actually have the ability to create devastating diseases.

But not to worry, because you can put your hands to work with these natural remedies to remove ticks of the most effective ways possible.

Rosemary and cinnamon
10 drops of rosemary essential oil, 7 drops of cinnamon essential oil, 3 drops of essential cedar oil, 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil. Put all the oil in a glass jar and shake well. To use just apply some on your hands, rub them together and apply wherever you need.

Mix basil, lemon, cinnamon, cedar, lavender and mint
These aromatherapy oils are a natural repellent against ticks. For removing ticks, prepare a mixture of any of the three oils. Mix one drop of each of the three oils chosen and pure almond oil. Stir well and soak a cloth in it. Wrap the cloth on your pet. This remedy also helps in removing ticks human skin. You just have to apply to the skin.

Using comb
Combs are the cheapest and easiest remedy for ticks. Upon returning from a morning walk, do not forget to comb your pet. Combing once a day helps eliminate ticks, crawling on the skin of the pet.

Garlic is a strong tick repellent. Garlic should be consumed in sufficient quantity. When it comes to dogs, they can not eat raw garlic alone, as it can be harmful to them Dogs must be served with food and soups containing garlic. You can also use garlic powder instead of raw garlic. Simply add 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder per kilo regular dog food.

Sodium bicarbonate
Baking soda is a natural remedy to remove ticks from the animal’s body. To use baking soda against ticks, it is necessary to mix half teaspoon of baking soda and salt. Add the dry mixture to four ounces of apple cider vinegar. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle filled with 4 ounces of warm water. Sprinkle in pets. Make sure not reach the eyes of the pet when applying.

Cinnamon oil
Cinnamon oil is very useful in removing ticks. All you have to do is apply a bit of cinnamon oil directly on the affected area. Cinnamon oil works as a natural repellent against ticks and fleas. You can also add 80 drops of cinnamon oil in an ounce of water. Fill the solution into a spray bottle. Gently spray on the lawn. This will work against ticks.

Cinnamon oil acts as a protective shield against ticks in human skin. Just rub cinnamon oil on your skin.

Put a little Vaseline on your palm and rub it gently on the skin of the pet and cover the infected area. Vaseline drowns ticks. After applying petroleum jelly, comb the hair of the pet. This method eliminates ticks easily.

Lemon juice
Citric acid present in lemon helps remove ticks naturally. Squeeze some fresh juice directly on ticks or affected area of your pet lemon.

You can also prepare a disinfectant solution to bathe your pet with the help of lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon juice into a cup of water. Also add the peels and pulp in water. Put on low heat for a few hours. Pour this solution into the regular water bath.

Performing these simple tricks, you can kill or repel ticks forever.