How to remove the insects from plants


How to remove the insects from plants

Pests can be combated course, it is why in the next article we give some tips to remove those pesky insects from your garden.

In addition, to keep as clean as possible the garden or park, can eliminate insects from plants naturally, the most effective are:

Nettle: natural insecticides has properties and also a number of acids that repel insects. Make a decoction with a handful of dried nettle in two liters of water for 20 minutes. Strain into a bottle with dispenser and thereby fumigate plants.

Garlic: Your insecticides and anti fungal properties are truly exceptional. It serves most plant diseases. Make an infusion with four heads of garlic cut per liter of water. Strain and place in a spray bottle, then spray on stems, flowers and leaves.

Rice: It is excellent to remove ants from their roses, for example. You simply have to place unpolished rice (also known as medium grain or party) at the base of the earth. Ferment their food and the ants will leave their habitat

Snuff: To eliminate insects from plants, such as scale insects can soak a handful of leaves of snuff per liter of water. Add as desired 10 grams of white soap. Spray with this mixture, diluted in four liters of water. Be careful with this home remedy because toxic cigarette can damage the plant.

Citrus: They are also very good to kill ants. Distribute orange peel, tangerine or grapefruit around the plant. These insects love their taste and won’t go against with your plants.

Alcohol: It is a good option to remove insects, especially mealybugs. Apply directly with a cotton on the leaves that have this pest. You can also make a mixture with 500 ml of water, 500 ml of alcohol and a half head of garlic crushed. Let macerate 12 hours and apply using a sprayer.

Beer: It’s a wonderful method to combat pests naturally, especially slugs or snails. Distribute containers or small caps with beer in various parts of your garden. They can not resist and drown in it.

To eliminate insects from plants not required to spend a fortune, take what you have in the garden and in the kitchen.